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How do I use this app?

As a retailer, you use this app to deal with people who want to pay for an energy package or energy saving box with their points. In addition, you can see an overview of executed transactions in this app.

How do I pay?

Checkout can be done in two ways:

The most common method: click on the ‘Register’ button and choose a predefined package from the list. The EnergieKnip app now shows a QR code Show the QR code to the customer. If the customer has scanned the code with their own EnergieKnip app, then payment has been made.

In addition, you can also choose ‘Custom package’ in the Checkout screen. Then you can create a new package by entering a name of the package and the number of points that this package costs. You can then choose this package in the Checkout screen and offer the QR code to the customer.

How do I add new packages?

Yes, you can. Click on the ‘Checkout’ button and then on ‘Custom package’, fill in the name of the product and what the product costs. Click the Save for later button and click the Create QR Code button. The product now appears in the list of predefined packages. Click the Products button to see them.

How to change predefined packages

Go to the list of predefined products and click on the waste bin icon behind the product. Confirm that you want to remove the predefined package.

In the shop: checkout in steps

These are the steps with which a resident can pay for a savings box in a hardware store:

  1. Residents of Emmen arrive at the hardware store with an activated EnergieKnip app on the phone. The app contains the points earned. 1000 points has a value of € 1. The maximum number of points is 50,000.
  2. Retailer asks which savings box they come to pick up and clicks on the ‘Cash register’ button in their own EnergieKnip app to choose the existing package. A QR code will appear.
  3. Customer scans QR code on the retailer’s phone and receives the name of the store, the amount and the description and clicks on the ‘Pay’ button.
  4. Within a few seconds, a green box appears on both the customer and employee phone with the text “Successful”. The points have now been transferred from the resident to the shopkeeper.
  5. Chosen box with contents can be given to the resident.

EnergieKnip app

This app is used to collect data about energy-saving measures in the municipality. Data is collected in done a privacy-friendly way. No personal data is recorded.

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