The energy bill keeps getting higher. The municipality of Emmen wants to help you save on this. You can earn energy saving boxes for your home. In these boxes you will find LED lamps, draft strips and radiator foil. All you have to do is fill in a number of short questionnaires, with which you earn points. You can redeem these points at a hardware store near you and have a maximum value of 50 euros. All home owners and tenants will receive a letter at home from January 10, 2022. The letters will be distributed over a period of four weeks.

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How it works

Install the app, scan the QR-code, answer the questions

You can earn points by completing questions in the EnergieKnip app. Install the EnergieKnip app via the Google Playstore or Apple Store. Then scan the QR code that you received in the mail with the app. Answer the questions in the app and earn points. You can redeem these points at a hardware store near you.

Install the app

Scan the QR-code

Answer the questions

Spend points

We don’t collect personal data

The answers you give about the energy management of your house are not linked to your name or address. We collect the data per district or village in the municipality.

In the app we do not ask for name, e-mail address or telephone number.

The QR codes are randomly distributed per district or village.

The municipality only collects the totals per district or village.

We do not use the app to contact you.

We publish the collected data as open data.

You can indicate in the app whether you want to share data with the municipality.

Install the app now!

You can install the EnergieKnip on your iOS or Android smartphone. The buttons below will take you directly to the right place to download and install the app.

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Filling out questionnaires

For installing the app and answering the basic questionnaire, you will receive points worth € 5. Fill in the questionnaires about the energy management in your house. There are three questionnaires in the app. You will receive points worth €15 for each completed questionnaire.

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Receive points as a reward

In the app you can see how many points you have earned by answering


Spend points locally

You can spend points locally for buying energy-saving products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start?

To use this app you need to scan the QR code that you received in the mailbox. Once you have scanned the QR code, the app is activated. Each home has a different QR code. Keep your QR code safe.

What should I do if I have lost my QR code?

Did you not receive a QR code or did you throw the code away? Then you can request a new QR code at the town hall. You only need to indicate in which neighborhood you want to

How do I use this app?

You can use this app to indicate how your household handles energy savings. For example, you can indicate whether your house has solar panels. You will be rewarded with points for completing questionnaires with these types of questions.

How do I answer questions about energy savings?

On the dashboard of the app, press the ‘Answer questions’ button. Then various questionnaires are loaded. Select one of the questionnaires. Now the questions from this list are displayed. Answer the questions. When you have completed everything, press the ‘Save & continue’ button at the bottom of the screen to send the answers.

Where can I find my answers to the questions?

On the dashboard of the app, press the ‘Answer questions’ button. Select the questionnaire for which you want to see the answers.

What is the value of points?

You earn points by completing questionnaires. 1000 points have a value of 1 euro. With your points, you can buy energy-saving products from local, affiliated retailers.

What can I do with my points?

With your points, you can buy packs of energy-saving products from a number of local retailers. Look in the app at the range per retailer. Packages can only be paid in the store with your points.

What will my answers to the questions be used for?

The Municipality of Emmen uses the answers to make an overview of all energy-saving measures. This overview is used for new energy-saving plans in the municipality.

Where are my answers stored?

Your answers will be stored anonymously. No one can trace your answers back to your home or your person.

What should I do if I move?

When you move house, you must leave the QR code you used to access the application at the house. When you move house, you can request a new QR code from the municipality of Emmen. For this you must indicate in which neighborhood you live.

Can I use the QR code with several people?

Yes, anyone in your household can scan the QR code and use the application. Everyone from the same household then uses the same account and can view questions, answers and the credit of ECs.

EnergieKnip app

This app is used to collect data about energy-saving measures in the municipality. Data is collected in done a privacy-friendly way. No personal data is recorded.

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